Thursday, February 1, 2018

Flower Polish Gift Bouquet! MY MOST VISITED POST EVER

So Super excited about this cute little bouquet.  It is the most visited post on any of my blogs, ever. It says "treat-tis-se-rie Chick because that is the name of my blog I originally posted this to. But I'm trying to consolidate my stuff to one place.

This came to mind, simply because I was pushed for time and resources to purchase a gift for a young lady's birthday party.  It's amazing what your mind will create in a lack of resources :)  Gotta say that God really pulled this together... because I seriously prayed that it would work.  I had never tried this before and I didn't have room for error.

The Birthday Gal loved it and my son was proud to be the donor of this gift :)  You can get the kidos involved by allowing them to cut out the flowers, picking the fingernail polishes, or gluing the flowers to the stems.  So let's get started on the "How-To"!

Project approximate cost:
     $17-$20 depending on the resources you may already have.

What Ya Need:

*10       Bottles of fingernail polish (dollar store works perfect)
*1         Bucket or pail
*1         Package of fringe stuffing (blue is what I used here)
*1         Sheet of foam (flower bouquet white foam)
*1         Package of Kabob Skewers
*1-1.5  Cups of sand (I used decorators sand)
*Green Floral Tape
*Colorful sheets of poster board (I used three different colors: it's up to you and your color scheme)
*Hot Glue Gun
*Flower pattern (I used a cookie cutter and traced it bigger that original.  You can find templates
                          via a search engine)

Purchase and organize all of your materials.  It's important to color coordinate with the young lady's interests and the colors you choose in polishes, pail, fringe stuffing and poster board for flowers.  Delegate your color scheme and then shop for the items.

Once you have downloaded a flower template or made your own, trace and cut out 10 flowers from your poster board.  With your hot glue gun, fill in the bottom of one polish and use the glue to fill any gap on the bottom of the bottle, so that it is as flat as possible.  Now push the glue filled polish bottom to a flower.  Do this for all flowers and polishes.

Now work on stabilizing and preparing the pail.  Measure the foam board by turning the pail upside down and tracing. Cut out the circle on the inside of your trace line, because it has to be placed farther down in the pail than measured.  Continue to trim the circle foam until it can be pushed about half way down into the pail.  When it is a good fit, remove it and pour your sand in the pail.  For a small pail, fill the bottom with a cup of sand and level the sand.  For a large container, you will need more.  The purpose of the sand is to stabilize and prevent the weight from the polishes from tipping the container.  Now push your foam to it's snuggest position and reinforce with hot glue.

 Now you are ready to create the flowers and position them.  To make the stems, you need your floral tape and kabob skewers.  Each stem needs three skewers.  Place the kabob ends in a triangle position so that all three are touching.  Make cuts to each set of skewers, between 4.5 and 6 inches long.  Each stem should fit between these measurements.  Some tall, some short stems will create the flower bouquet look.  Now hold a set of three skewers and wrap the floral tape around the set of three skewers, tightly until you reach about an inch prior to the tip (pointy tip).  Now you have one stem created.  Create 9 more to have one for each polish flower.

 The next step is gluing the stems to the flowers.  Place a large dot of glue with the glue gun, on the bottom of a flower and hold the stem end (not sharp end) to the glue.  You will have to hold the stem to the flower for at least 30 seconds.  It has to totally harden before you let go of the stem.  To keep the polish and flowers standing, so they do not lay and crumple, use the remainder of the sponge board and stick them into the remainder of the foam board, standing.  Make sure the board is stable and weighted and will not tip over with the flowers.  Placing them in the board will also help as you choose sizes to arrange in the bouquet. 

When all 10 flowers are complete, you are ready to assemble them into a bouquet.  Keep in mind the color coordination and the length of each flower as you place them.  The longest should be placed in the middle and they should graduate from longest to shortest being in the front.  Place them firmly into the foam inside your pail/bucket.

 OK... you're on the home stretch! This is a great place to let the kidos get involved!  Once they are all places in the bucket/pail, it's time to stuff the filling so that the stems and foam are not noticeable.  Take small hand fulls of the fringe stuffing and push into place all around the flowers.  I did my bouquet with a front view and kinda wish I would have done all sides.  So stuff your fringe wherever it needs to be placed, depending on whether you have a front bouquet or all around bouquet.   Stuff... stuff... stuff :)

  Check out your placement of flowers and adjust as needed.  I had to take out and replace a couple of times until I had the color coordination and length just right.  When you are finished you should have an awesome, fun Flower Polish Bouquet!   

You could add a cute bow or tag to the front of the bouquet.  I added a small, round container of fingernail polish remover to the back with a tap of the glue gun.  I hope you get to make this for a special young lady! ...and share how it goes!  Best of luck with your project!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Duct Tape Gift Wrapping: How-To

This gift is wrapped in duct tape! Seriously.

This is a fun idea for birthdays and pranks as well.
It is super fun and festive to wrap a gift in duct tape.
The package can be custom for the kiddo and is difficult to get into - which adds to the element of fun. You can use any kind/pattern of duct tape for this!
Have Fun Making YOURS!

What You Need:

 * 2-3 Rolls of Duct Tape in a Fun COLOR
 * Gift to wrap
 * Scissors

What Ya Do:

- Tidey up the gift in a box and tape with regular scotch tape.

- You do not have to cover the bottom but you sure can if you would like to.

- Begin by  attaching the end of the duct tape to one side of the top. Pull it to the full length of the box top and cut.

- Do this until the entire top is covered in duct tape.

- Tape the sides by securing the duct tape to one side and pulling it horizontally and rotating the package. Cut the tape when it meets again to the beginning point.

- Do this in rows until all the package has been covered.

- TaDa! You have a duct wrapped gift!

... now onto the hard part!
             The Bow.

- Begin with a different color duct tape to make the package looked wrapped in a bow!
- Stretch your arm to the opposite side and bottom of the gift and tape the end to the bottom.
- Now pull and stretch the duct tape all the way across the package top and sides, ending at the other side. Cut the bottom to fit.
- Repeat the process for the opposite two sides so that the bow is on all four sides of the package.

The bow is difficult and difficult to explain.
Begin by cutting the duct tape color you used for the ribbon, into strips approximately 12-15 inches long. You will need three strips on the longer end of 15 inches and three on the shorter end of 12. Cut one strip just in the middle of those two measurements. (I'm recalling this from pics and memory. You may have to be creative in finding the best measurements for this portion.)

- Cut the end and cross the left end over the right as it lays on the non-sticky side.
- You should then have a full piece of duct tape that is colored on both sides and stuck together in the middle. these should be half their original size, once they are each pressed into one piece.
- The one irregular piece will be used for the center portion of the bow.
- The three longest will be for the base of the bow and the three shortest will be the top of the bow.
- Bend the ends into a small gathering and hot glue these together.

The picture below shows how they should look after being hot glued. The center circle will be the round one that looks different.

- Begin by placing the largest three in a circle on the package. Hot glue these into place.
- Add another layer of the smaller three.
-Top it off with the ring in the middle of the bow.

You may have to work with the bow measurements and placement. That was a booger to finish the first time and I cannot recall exactly the process. Below is the final produce! Very fun for the receiver and gives a twist the the tradition of wrapping and the boredom of bags! :)
Have fun with this and all the best to you!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Tyke's Stool from an Orange Crate: HOW-TO

From an orange crate to a stool for a little kiddo!

This post is a HOW-TO instructional on making a cute and comfy stool out of an orange crate. This is really an awesome way to add individuality to a stool for a child of your own, in your family, or someone you babysit. The stool can be customized for a boy or a girl and just about any fabric/color combination you could imagine. If you are not a reader of instructions, the video below will show you step by step instructions and progress of the stool. 

*** You do not need a staple gun as mentioned in video. The staples would not go into our board, but you could give it a try from the bottom, to reinforce the hot glue.

*** Measurements mentioned in video are as follows: 
 Board: 7 6/8
 Fabric: 18 1/2 x 19

If you are an instructional and how-to reader, I will make this simple. Beginning with tools and materials needed, I will explain and show instructions below. I hope you are ready to make an awesome little stool!!

Materials Needed:

* An orange crate from oranges you purchase at the grocers
* Spray paint
* Fabric to match your painted bottom: Measuring 18 1/2 x 19
* A strip of ribbon for the trim: appx. 1.5 yards in length
* 1 Piece of foam cut to: about 1/2 inch larger on all sides as your foam board
* 1 Piece of foam board: 7 6/8
* 1 Piece of thin board for reinforcement: 7 6/8
* 4 one inch screws


* Power drill with bit to match screws
* Glue gun with glue sticks
* Measuring stick or tape
* You actually don't need a staple gun - mentioned in video

Steps and Progression:

Gather all your materials

Cut your fabric to the listed measurement
Cut your wood reinforcement board by tracing the top of the crate, then cut.
Cut your foam board with a sharp edge knife, matching the reinforcement board.
Cut your foam a bit larger than the foam board and wood reinforcement boards.

* Begin by screwing four screws into the thin wooden board you cut, onto the top of the crate.
You will screw one in each corner, down through the leg.

* Now, spray paint your base using a couple of layers to coat.
* While the stool is drying, Cover the foam piece and foam board with your fabric and glue gun.

* Lay the fabric with the appropriate pattern facing up and face down on the table. Set the foam on the center of the back side of the fabric. Now place the foam board in the center of the foam top. You will have three layers - fabric, foam, foam board. Have your glue gun hot and extra glue sticks ready. Now start with the two larger sides - place a generous amount of glue on the back of the foam board and press the fabric back onto the glue. Do this on both sides. Now do the two ends - this will come together like a gift package. Fold in the sides, pull up, and glue to the ends.

* When the base is dry - you are ready to glue the fabric covered foam to the top of the base.

* Check to make sure the foam sits to the center and practice your placement of the foam onto the top of the stool/crate.

* This portion you cannot redo - so make sure you are quick to center the foam on top after you place the glue.

*Squeeze glue on each corner of the stool and in a line near the edge of every side. Quickly place the foam CENTERED on the stool reinforcement wood. Press hard and evenly. Flip the stool on its back and press the center and corners so that all glue adheres.

*You are close to finished. All that is left is the ribbon border. My ribbon is actually two pieces sewn together. If you choose to do two pieces, of course, have them sewn together before this step.

* You will see a small portion where the foam fits to the stool and we want to cover that with the ribbon. Place glue on the appropriate portion of the trim that will allow it to stick well and cover the border. The video is great to help understand this.

* Place glue on the trim about 2 inches at a time. Go all around the stool, placing the trim.

* Wow!  You are finished !

*I hope the little tyke you made this for - LOVES IT!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

No BoUnDaRieS: Blooming May Require DrEaDs

A bit on the funny side this season. Honestly, this post has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, but it's likely you could use a quick break from lights, lists, and counting reindeer. I've been thinking lately about "standards" and "boundaries". . .  and I have concluded that I don't like them very much. It should be said that I firmly aGrEE with boundaries that are biblical. Those are the boundaries handed to humanity and myself, by God Himself, which should be recognized and revered! But aren't those given by God, the only ones valuable enough to base our lives upon?

I've been overwhelmed with breaking the box lately. Breaking out of the mOLd that I feel we have all grown too familiar with blissfully abiding in. The boundaries which we have slowly created as our own standard of living, created by our illusions that living has to fit a certain mold. Have you ever thought about how much of our lives are dictated by society and our own worldview which places "standards" within our minds? How many unrightful boundaries have constrained us because of the same influence?

I discovered something about my husband the other day. Well, actually this characteristic is one he has spent almost half my life proving to me. . . that he supports my crazy attempts to break my own boundaries (within limits)! And yesterday's conversation proved that as a certainty. The conversation, brought me to this conclusion: I know I have a supportive husband when I express the reality that I am considering growing dReAdS and wearing bOOts for the rest of my life. . . and he's totally game.

Yes, he was all for it.
No hesitation.
No unfit boundaries.
No unruly standards.

Dreads and boots?! Go for it. He doesn't place me in a box. I guess because he knows me a bit too well. He lets me break the mOLd when necessary. And quite honestly, he has seen me break the mOLd a couple of times :) It keeps our lives interesting, I promise.

But not even Keith, my husband, sets my boundaries. So who alone should?

That's it.

He aLoNe is worthy to place these upon my life and upon yours. Because God alone is JuSt and He alone is TruTh. Any boundary eXteRnaL of God and His Word is of our internal making, of the world itself, or of the Adversary. Those are worth nothing. Bluntly speaking, the world has never proven worthy of my worship and service. We are merely servants to the coMManDeR of our boundaries and standards and we choose whom we serve by whose standard we meet and boundaries we live by. (Read that again if needed!) We serve God by honoring His tRuth, or we compromise for less, and serve the world by honoring theirs.

The best way to do God justice with our lives is by living it according to His CaLL aLoNe, upon our life alone. We live and bLooM (if you will) according to that which allows us to grow! (As I was enlightened by the small voice of a great nephew once, that seeds need "rOOm to grow!".) So here is where grace fits. God's gRaCe gives us the room. Grace helps us find our boundaries through mistakes, mishaps, and misalignment. Grace gives us gentle nudges to the appropriate mOLd of boundaries and standards and gRaCe gives us the freedom, liberty, and safety to find our way out of those which confine. Then, Grace is our uLtiMaTe SubsTiTuTioN. Because there is one standard that we could never meet.


We are imperfect; tainted by flaws and mistakes. Therefore, a perfect One became our substitute. The standard of perfection we count not meet, was RePLaCeD with the Christ who does on our behalf. Now that's GrAcE at it's best.


It's what we trust when we dare to discover our ReAL boundaries.
It's what will guide us to our appropriate standard of tRuTh and nothing less.
It's what we bloom by. And no one ever bloomed in a box.

Let the truth in God's Word and the whisper of His voice alone, be your guide as you trust in His grace, to grow you toward His direction for YoU. What is it that you want to "gO fOr?!" but the world and your own boundaries have made you hesitate? What is it God would have you do? His answer is yours. The God who doesn't fit into AnY box, didn't design you to either.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Hashtag Rehashes:


Friday, December 9, 2016

This is the Story of "The PriNcE of PeAcE"

I am usually a person of many words, but this time. . . I'm working at keeping it simple. Many people were able to view the parade float my family entered into the Black Mountain Parade this year! It was an amazing moment to see God's vision, His resources, and His work come to fruition. The stories that could be told from the entire process are many, and I hope to eventually write about those. But today's post is to simply explain the vision of the float, which we dedicated to . . .

             "The Prince of Peace."
The story begins with prophesy and is told throughout the float, with a LuMbErJaCk ribbon of red and black. The first ribbon is found in the prophetic words "Prince of Peace" on the manger. Prophesy is the promise of something that has not yet come. Have you ever received a promise, but had to wait in anticipation for the promise to be fulfilled? The Israelites lived in anticipation of the coming King from the first promise in early Genesis, until His entrance.   When they received word from a Prophet, promising something to come, they waited. They anticipated. They hoped as we do when we are given a promise.

One of the sweetest prophesies of the coming Christ is heard from the mouth of Isaiah (an Old Testament Prophet). Isaiah professed to the Israelites and to us, the promise of coming PeAcE.

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given:
and the government will be upon his shoulder;
and his name will be called 
Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God,
The Everlasting Father, 
The Prince of Peace.  
{Isaiah 9:6}

Why so many names to describe a single baby? Because Christ would be many different substances to those in need. There is no mistake in the list of names, for I am certain EvErYoNe will find one distinct name that fits their hearts desire at most. What is your favorite descriptive name? My favorite is . . . The Prince of Peace. Maybe because I struggle with harboring a sense of peace. Your favorite is likely the substance you need most in your life. (We have a wise God who knows His children well.)

This promised Prince would come to finish the mission to bring you and I, peace. Through Isaiah, the promise was spoken, yet unfulfilled to those who hoped. The picture of the prophesy would look like an empty stable. An empty stable, waiting for the fulfillment of its purpose. The sTaBLe was the picture of pEaCe, yet to come. One could wonder how long the stable waited on its hope.

But one silent night, that changed. The stable for the Prince, became filled with bustle in preparation and celebration of His arrival. The fulfillment was taking place! Isaiah's words of promise become the world's reality as Christ entered with His first coming. Christ (on the float) was represented by the golden GiFt lined with LumBerJacK RiBBoN. This story is only beginning for this perfect PrInCe!

Beside the stable and gift, another ribbon is found at the top of a green Christmas TrEE. A tree is our signature visual of Christmas and it is the representation of nEw LiFe. However, this tree's most important attribute is not found in its beauty, but in what it would become.
 It would become, the cross of Christ. 

This tree of vibrant, new life, would be lumbered and stripped of its branches. It would become the rustic cRoSS for Christ to bare. I think of the words of Rev. Billy Graham who reminds us. . . we can never separate the manger from the cross.* Have you ever wondered who cut the tree? This question ran through my mind as I worked on preparation of the float.

"Who lumbered and stripped the tree 
for the cross of Christ?" 
It was me.
It was you.

You and I are the LuMbeRjaCks who cut the perfect green tree, stripped it barren of its branches, and shaved it to its rustic purpose for SaCriFiCe. I'm fairly certain this is the point I will loose some readers. There is no doubt this portion of the story puzzles, angers, and bewilders people. We find ourselves asking, "why death?".

So the Prince could be victorious 
over yours. 

Because reality is, the purchase of anything must cost something and the purchase of our peace, cost God His most prized possession. . . His Son. It cost Christ, His life.

The payment to purchase your pEaCe
                         was the Prince himself.

The perfect new life that began His mission in a rickety stable, would go where none other had gone. All the way to Calvary. To give you new life, He had to bare your imperfection, and defeat your death. The perfect Jesus Christ took upon himself, the cross draped with LuMbeRjaCk ribbon. The cross you and I fashioned.  But the best part is a portion of the story we cannot neglect. . . His ReSSuReCTiOn.

dEaTh LoSt the battle!

Christ defeated not only His own death, but that of everyone who believes on Him. Now that's gOOd news! It is said that without the resurrection, we still remain without hOpE  (1 Corinthians 15: 17-19). His death reconciled us to God... and His resurrection iNsUrEd our EtErNiTy with God (Romans 5:10).

I want you to know that yOuR PeAcE became a possibility, only through a precious newborn Prince in a rickety sTaBLe . . . who bore a lumbered tree, your rugged cRoSS, and was ReSSuRecTeD to bring you new life. The Prince came that you may have peace and He bore anything that could get in the way.

"But he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities, 
the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed." 
{ Isaiah 53: 5 }

He alone pRoVeD aBLe to provide the PeAcE between you and God, the peace of mind that comes from knowing and having faith in God, and the peace of earth and in eternity. * (Scofield, 1945). 

The One who entered earth as The Prince of Peace will return for eternity as the King of kings. Have you honored the Prince of peace as your King of kings? If you believe on Christ, Jesus who completed this work for you and if you would like to accept Him as your personal Prince of Peace, the decision is made within the heart. Below is a simple hearts prayer to help confess your decision :

Lord, I believe that Jesus is the Christ.
He was born as your Son, lived a perfect life, and bore my cross.
I believe He was resurrected and lives eternally with you, so that I can also.
Forgive me of all my unrighteousness (sins) and begin to reside in my life and heart.
Thank you for all you have done and all you will do in my life.
I commit my life to you.

My hope is that you know or come to kNoW the PrInCe 
this Christmas season. If you have any questions, prayer requests, 
or would like to hear more from 
Blooming by Grace, send an email to

Blessings and JoY to you during this Christmas season!


** Notes **

* Information citation: Holy Bible, 1945, Edited by C.I. Scofield, D.D., New York Oxford Universtiy Press, commentary notes on "peace", 1009.

* I cannot dismiss the inspirational words of Billy Graham who said in short "we cannot separate the manger from the cross." So very true that we should not often see a Christmas manger or tree, without seeing the cross of Christ.