Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Elegantly - Simple Sauce Stands : DIY

Spiffy it up a little! The idea came to me in a scurry to make not so pretty jars, a little more elegant for a ladies church group party.

The sauces were for a cheesecake but they looked tacky with the labels. I had the stand bottoms purchased to make trays but that didn't work out. Sometimes we are most creative when our original plan nose dives and we are pressed for time and resources ;)

It's very simple!

What Ya Need:

Two dollar store candlestick holders
Hot glue
Sauces of your choice

What Ya Do:

* Remove labels from your jars
* Place a ring of hot glue on bottom of jar or top of stand
* Press together the stand and jar

*** Add a seasonal bow or burlap to enhance.


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