Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ChOoSe to BlOoM

You were born with a dEsTiNy... with a purpose, created by the Creator.   It was granted, graced, given, to you.  You were also born... with a cHoiCe.  We can choose to live our true meaning and purpose.  But, when we wait on life to happen, we risk forfeiting our destiny. When we cHooSe to surrender to His plan and mOvE toward our purpose, we are guaranteed fulfillment!  He doesn't want us to wait on finding our purpose and reaching our destiny... He wants us to mOvE. God wants to see us blooming into everything HE dEsiGnEd us to BE.  We can cHoOsE to forfeit our dEsTinY by waiting, fearing, questioning, procrastinating...or we can ChOoSe to BloOm!! 

Jeremiah 29:11 ... God has a HoPe for yOu. 

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