Thursday, July 17, 2014

Carpenter of Souls

Carpenter of Souls

My dad is a carpenter by skill.   His ability is a gift of generations he uses in his spare time. I've seen him use many tools in bringing to life, a vision. Tools used to mold his workmanship from what it is not, to become what it should become. 

My Heavenly Father uses many tools to perfect His work in us. At times He may use His goodness and grace to grab the heart's attention. Other times, His mercy and love are refining. But there is a tool He donated that requires our hands in commitment to use. 

His Scripture.

His Words displayed in the Bible are designed to sand down the rough.
Chisel away at the heart.
Coat us with joy and peace.
And even pound us to the core.
...all to refine the souls of His work. 

Here's where it gets exciting! 
God sent a declaration to perfect His work. A promise that all the refining would be complete. He sent the One who promises perfection to the life dedicated to the refining of the soul! 

I love the SwEEt connection that the Refiner sent by my Heavenly Father was a carpenter by trade, on earth. (Mark 6:3)

Once, Jesus was an earthly carpenter. 
Now He's the Carpenter of Souls at the right hand of the Throne in heaven!

God, give me surrender to your tools of workmanship and the hunger to allow your BiBLe to refine my heart and soul.  Shape me from what I'm not, to what I need to become.

Matthew 4:4 shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.

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