Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mamaw's Mission:DrEaM iT, PrAy iT, Do iT

My son and I visited my Grandmother Ida the other day. We sat and talked with her about her life. I wish as a young girl, I would have spent time talking with both my grandmothers. There are surely mementos and likely mounds of wisdom missed, because I didn’t. But this day we sat, and we listened. Our discoveries were blessings we hadn’t bargained for.

I discovered that my passion for cheap, old antiques pieces was rooted and nurtured two generations before me. She has antique pieces that few (exclusive of this granddaughter) understand or value. Apparently, I inherited the gene that professes something has most value when it has age and tells a story. Keebryn discovered that his love for chickens has been shared by his Mamaw, who has raised chickens for over 50 years. Mamaw Ida also gave Keebryn some wisdom of her own. The best thing he could do, was to live a Christian life. When asked of the one aspect of her life she was most proud of, her response was the ability to stay at home with her six children. Her husband, Papaw Jack, wouldn’t hear otherwise.  He was an older southern man who felt the conviction that children need their mother and the home needs a caretaker. Apparently that’s hereditary too.

But we didn’t just discover some wisdom for ourselves. We heard the dreams of the heart of this 89 year-old lady with a story. What is now Mamaw Ida’s biggest dream? She dreams and prays toward making it to her 100th birthday … and serve chocolate cake with coffee. I recognize now, she has the progress toward her dream in the best order for success: DrEaM it, pRaY it, Do it.

Earlier that day I asked God to give us direction. There, at Mamaw Ida’s is where he led.
What’s the whole point to this random ranting? 
Ask God to direct your day. Then go.

It’s likely . . .
He has something there, you don’t want to miss.
You may uncover that your odd, misunderstood niche for something,
is a common passion, shared with a hereditary elder.
You will discover some awesome wisdom you may need to know,
and your kiddo can live by.

And it’s most likely…
You could be reminded that even in old(er) age, 
the elderly still have dreams.

And  that God has a mission for you . . .
to pray your grandmother toward her dream,
then help her serve chocolate cake and coffee
when she gets there.

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