Monday, October 10, 2016


Harvest is a blessing for sure. I read in Scripture today that harvest is actually a PrOmiSe! I did not know that after the curse of the flood, God promised not only that He would not destroy earth and all living things again, but He proclaimed that as long as earth existed, there would be ". . .seedtime and harvest. . .".

Genesis 8: 22 states "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, 
and summer and winter, and day and night 
will not cease." 

This makes me view harvest in a different light. Harvest should be a celebration because when harvest comes, we know God keeps His promises! This is my harvest scene this year. This scene was the first I've completed for fall in a while. Two years ago all I had was a set of mums in a basket with a bow. But this year, I had more time on my hands! I'm not much for scarecrows in a fall scene and I wanted this to be old fashioned and cheap. The first item I gathered was the corn stalks. I helped my father in law chop and stack them. Then I worked on the mini wheel barrel. This old barrel was one my step son and son had both played with. The handles were in need of replacement so my husband cut old stakes for me. Then I spent some sweat in drilling the holes and fitting it to the barrel. Well worth it I do believe! Those two areas were the two that required the most physical labor. 

What Ya Need :

-1 Stack of corn stalks
-2 Mums
-1 wheel Bartell or old tin bucket
-1 old wooden stump
-1 bag small pumpkins
-1 medium pumpkin
- An old window pane
- A hanging decoration
- A flower swag
- 1 small bale of decorators hay

What Ya Do: 

- Gather your corn stalks into a stack and wrap with string or burlap.
- Place the old wooden stump in front of the corn stack.
- Use string or hot glue to secure the flower swag on top of the window pane.
- Make a hanger on the old window pane and hang your decoration.
- Set the old window pane on the wooden stump.
- Plant one mum in a container and place in front of the window, just under the hanging decoration.
- Plant the other mum in old barrel or old tin bucket.
- Cover the dirt with hay and place mini pumpkins.
- Place and secure the barrel / tin bucket beside the old wooden stump.
- Place the medium pumpkin to the right, front of the stump.

Celebrate HarVeSt,  because it reminds us that God keeps His WoRd!

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