Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Tyke's Stool from an Orange Crate: HOW-TO

From an orange crate to a stool for a little kiddo!

This post is a HOW-TO instructional on making a cute and comfy stool out of an orange crate. This is really an awesome way to add individuality to a stool for a child of your own, in your family, or someone you babysit. The stool can be customized for a boy or a girl and just about any fabric/color combination you could imagine. If you are not a reader of instructions, the video below will show you step by step instructions and progress of the stool. 

*** You do not need a staple gun as mentioned in video. The staples would not go into our board, but you could give it a try from the bottom, to reinforce the hot glue.

*** Measurements mentioned in video are as follows: 
 Board: 7 6/8
 Fabric: 18 1/2 x 19

If you are an instructional and how-to reader, I will make this simple. Beginning with tools and materials needed, I will explain and show instructions below. I hope you are ready to make an awesome little stool!!

Materials Needed:

* An orange crate from oranges you purchase at the grocers
* Spray paint
* Fabric to match your painted bottom: Measuring 18 1/2 x 19
* A strip of ribbon for the trim: appx. 1.5 yards in length
* 1 Piece of foam cut to: about 1/2 inch larger on all sides as your foam board
* 1 Piece of foam board: 7 6/8
* 1 Piece of thin board for reinforcement: 7 6/8
* 4 one inch screws


* Power drill with bit to match screws
* Glue gun with glue sticks
* Measuring stick or tape
* You actually don't need a staple gun - mentioned in video

Steps and Progression:

Gather all your materials

Cut your fabric to the listed measurement
Cut your wood reinforcement board by tracing the top of the crate, then cut.
Cut your foam board with a sharp edge knife, matching the reinforcement board.
Cut your foam a bit larger than the foam board and wood reinforcement boards.

* Begin by screwing four screws into the thin wooden board you cut, onto the top of the crate.
You will screw one in each corner, down through the leg.

* Now, spray paint your base using a couple of layers to coat.
* While the stool is drying, Cover the foam piece and foam board with your fabric and glue gun.

* Lay the fabric with the appropriate pattern facing up and face down on the table. Set the foam on the center of the back side of the fabric. Now place the foam board in the center of the foam top. You will have three layers - fabric, foam, foam board. Have your glue gun hot and extra glue sticks ready. Now start with the two larger sides - place a generous amount of glue on the back of the foam board and press the fabric back onto the glue. Do this on both sides. Now do the two ends - this will come together like a gift package. Fold in the sides, pull up, and glue to the ends.

* When the base is dry - you are ready to glue the fabric covered foam to the top of the base.

* Check to make sure the foam sits to the center and practice your placement of the foam onto the top of the stool/crate.

* This portion you cannot redo - so make sure you are quick to center the foam on top after you place the glue.

*Squeeze glue on each corner of the stool and in a line near the edge of every side. Quickly place the foam CENTERED on the stool reinforcement wood. Press hard and evenly. Flip the stool on its back and press the center and corners so that all glue adheres.

*You are close to finished. All that is left is the ribbon border. My ribbon is actually two pieces sewn together. If you choose to do two pieces, of course, have them sewn together before this step.

* You will see a small portion where the foam fits to the stool and we want to cover that with the ribbon. Place glue on the appropriate portion of the trim that will allow it to stick well and cover the border. The video is great to help understand this.

* Place glue on the trim about 2 inches at a time. Go all around the stool, placing the trim.

* Wow!  You are finished !

*I hope the little tyke you made this for - LOVES IT!

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