Monday, January 29, 2018

Duct Tape Gift Wrapping: How-To

This gift is wrapped in duct tape! Seriously.

This is a fun idea for birthdays and pranks as well.
It is super fun and festive to wrap a gift in duct tape.
The package can be custom for the kiddo and is difficult to get into - which adds to the element of fun. You can use any kind/pattern of duct tape for this!
Have Fun Making YOURS!

What You Need:

 * 2-3 Rolls of Duct Tape in a Fun COLOR
 * Gift to wrap
 * Scissors

What Ya Do:

- Tidey up the gift in a box and tape with regular scotch tape.

- You do not have to cover the bottom but you sure can if you would like to.

- Begin by  attaching the end of the duct tape to one side of the top. Pull it to the full length of the box top and cut.

- Do this until the entire top is covered in duct tape.

- Tape the sides by securing the duct tape to one side and pulling it horizontally and rotating the package. Cut the tape when it meets again to the beginning point.

- Do this in rows until all the package has been covered.

- TaDa! You have a duct wrapped gift!

... now onto the hard part!
             The Bow.

- Begin with a different color duct tape to make the package looked wrapped in a bow!
- Stretch your arm to the opposite side and bottom of the gift and tape the end to the bottom.
- Now pull and stretch the duct tape all the way across the package top and sides, ending at the other side. Cut the bottom to fit.
- Repeat the process for the opposite two sides so that the bow is on all four sides of the package.

The bow is difficult and difficult to explain.
Begin by cutting the duct tape color you used for the ribbon, into strips approximately 12-15 inches long. You will need three strips on the longer end of 15 inches and three on the shorter end of 12. Cut one strip just in the middle of those two measurements. (I'm recalling this from pics and memory. You may have to be creative in finding the best measurements for this portion.)

- Cut the end and cross the left end over the right as it lays on the non-sticky side.
- You should then have a full piece of duct tape that is colored on both sides and stuck together in the middle. these should be half their original size, once they are each pressed into one piece.
- The one irregular piece will be used for the center portion of the bow.
- The three longest will be for the base of the bow and the three shortest will be the top of the bow.
- Bend the ends into a small gathering and hot glue these together.

The picture below shows how they should look after being hot glued. The center circle will be the round one that looks different.

- Begin by placing the largest three in a circle on the package. Hot glue these into place.
- Add another layer of the smaller three.
-Top it off with the ring in the middle of the bow.

You may have to work with the bow measurements and placement. That was a booger to finish the first time and I cannot recall exactly the process. Below is the final produce! Very fun for the receiver and gives a twist the the tradition of wrapping and the boredom of bags! :)
Have fun with this and all the best to you!

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