Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Choco-Cherry Fluff Dessert

Choco-Cherry Fluff Dessert

The white fluff in this dessert could be eaten by shovel fulls!  It's not too sweet, not too cream cheese tasting... fluffy perfection!  Super simple to ensemble and no baking required. We always use cherry filling but any kind would be good on top. I want to try strawberry!

What Ya Need:
* 1 Can pie filling (you will have leftover)
* 22-25 double sided sandwich cookies.
   I used the kind with vanilla on one side and      chocolate on the other
* 4 Tbsp butter

Fluffy Filling:
Depending on your sweet tooth, you can make half or full portion.  I would totally make a full portion, which would double this recipe. You can save some to dip any thing into the fluff!

* 1/2 block of cream cheese
* 1 container cool whip (half will be used)
* 1/3 cup + 2 heaping Tbsp powdered sugar
* 1 tsp vanilla
* 2 Tbsp cream ( use heavy, light or coffee creamer that is not special flavored but sweet)

What Ya Do:
1)Grab a 9x9 glass pan. No need to spray with oil.
2) Open and scoop out filling of sandwich cookies into a bowl.
3) Crush cookies by pressing with a meat tenderizer.
4) Melt butter and pour into crumbs.
5) Pour and level crumbs with your hand. Press firmly.
6) Place in the freezer while preparing the fluff.
7) Cream the cream cheese.
8) Add the powdered sugar and vanilla. Cream until blended.
9)  Add the cream (light or heavy) and mix.
10) Spoon in half container of whipped topping.
11) Mix shortly on lo speed until just incorporated.
Do not mix on high speed or too long after adding whipped topping.  It will break down in the mixture.
12) Pull crust pan from freezer and spoon fluff. Even out with a spatula.
13) Add 3/4 can pie filling to top. I think the whole can is too much, so I had a 1/4 remaining.

***If you need a larger portion,  I'm thinking that using a 9×13 pan and doubling ingredients would work. That way you could use the whole container of whipped topping, the cream cheese and the can of pie filling.

Have fun and enjoy the Choco-Cherry fluff!

** fluff is similar to the filling No Bake Apple Delight from Six Sisters' Stuff. Their recipe for Apple delight is awesomeness!

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