Friday, October 17, 2014

Barn Board and Burlap Cupcake Stand: DIY

So this post may require some reading between the lines.  I made these cupcake stands for a young lady's wedding cupcakes.   I'd love to post those later with directions to make. They were precious. I made them replicas of the bow tie and tuxedo of the groom.  For now, the stand is what's on the mind.

I do wish I had photos of the process but I was in a rush and never really planned on posting.  I will try to make the directions very simple so you can do without pics.
 I made three of these that were varying levels in height.  That was for a staggered look. However, at set up,  three on the table was too much. I took one away and layered some cupcakes on a board on the table.  Looked good!

The base is made of a candle pillar that was spray painted.  The top is made of old barn board.  Let's get started...

What You Need:

* Candle Pillars (any desired amount and size) The ones I used were wooden in a pack of three for $5.00.  I lucked up at a cheap local store.
* Spray Paint
* Burlap Ribbon
* Old Barn Board
* Hot Glue Gun
* Measure tape and saw
* Heavy Duty Liquid Adhesive

What You Do:

* Spray paint your pillars. The most effective method of spraying is slow and at a misting distance. If you get too close you may get run marks in the paint. Paint in a slow motion and spray at least 8 inches from the pillar.  Two coats should be perfect.
* Measure and cut your boards. We cut these at 16 inches. If you make them much longer, they could be top heavy.  Have someone who is experienced in saws to help you cut them.   Be SAFE :)
* Cut your burlap so that it will wrap, loop and bow around your base. This may take some trial to get right.
* Once you have your bow length, wrap around the top 1/3 of your base and tie a bow. Now place a small amount of hot glue to hold it in place.
* Measure the length and width of the top barn board. Find the center point on the board and mark where these points meet on the underside.
* Lay the board on solid surface so the mark is visible.  Align it with the center point on the top of your pillar.
* Spread your heavy duty adhesive to pillar and stand it up to rest on the lying board. The entire cupcake stand will be upside down.  I glued mine with hot glue and they held through the reception but did come off its top later. I recommend using a better glue :)
* Let it dry to harden.
* Have fun with your little creation!

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