Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Hope of an Oak

An acorn is only bold enough to burst forth of its covering, when the burning hope and aspiration of becoming a great oAk, overwhelms it's ability to remain contained. 

There are acorns everywhere in my yard. We have this huge oak tree that was planted way before any of us in our little home, were born. The giant tree now sports a tire swing and a mirage of colored leaves. I am amazed by the growth process of something so tiny. A little acorn as a seed, has the capability to branch into an enormous creation, full of branches, leaves and color!

As my son and husband shot bow and arrow the other day, I was distracted by the crunch under my feet. The sound of acorns! Some squooshed under foot. Some literally wasting away, sadly, without a sprout of attempt. But some, began to reach.

These acorns had begun a journey. Such courage it took to gander high In the sky to the peak of their predecessor, and choose to sprout, aNyWaY.

They had sprouted this tiny shoot from the acorn top, which by miracle, found its way into the dirt.
The shoot grows. Slowly, but enough to clear the path and head for what is beyond the muck. Beyond the muck, lies something greater!

We can be quite similar.  Some, will let trodden feet break and destroy. Some, will become stuck in defeat and allow the aspiration of high proportions to defeat and paralyze. But some will dig deep. They will ChOOse to do something instead of nothing... to see what'son the other side of the muck. It may just prove worth the risk.

In the face of something that seems hopeless... Hope AnYwAy

*Job 14: 7-9 *


  1. You are PRECIOUS sweet lady! What a beautiful reminder this is. I'm so happy you're blogging, and I'm bookmarking your site ;) xoxoxo

  2. Thank you huge!! Just being obedient to post!
    Your comment is a blessing to my day :)
    Let me know if you have one so I can follow!