Wednesday, October 22, 2014

RoCkiN' Crockpot RoAsT

I am not as much a cook as I am a baker.  My husband usually is the meat man, but I getting better at boring cooking with boring meat.  My dad had secreted to me a simple two ingredients that an old friend had told him.  It is the base of this recipe - one can of cream of mushroom soup and one can of golden mushroom.  But that's not all!  The flavor comes by the other little toss-ins added over the years!   This crockpot dish is a winter staple in our home. It has a great flavor and the gravy is perfect over rolls or biscuits.

What Ya Need: ---------------------------------------------
1.25-1.55 lb of pot roast (top round sirloin)
1 Can Creamy Mushroom soup
1 Can Golden Mushroom soup
2 Cloves garlic - chopped fine
1.5 tsp Dales Seasoning (liquid)
1 Tbsp. Worshtershire Sauce
Season salt
Garlic powder
Montreal Steak Seasoning ( powder)
Black pepper

What Ya Do: --------------------------------------------------
1) Turn on your crockpot to lo setting. Pour both cans soup into pot.
2) Place the roast on top of soup.
3) Poke holes with a fork in the meat.
4) Sprinkle on top of roast all other ingredients, beginning with the two liquids. Portions of the powdered ingredients are at your discretion.  I basically powder the top of roast with the different spices as desired.
5) Sprinkle the chopped garlic on top of meat.
6) Cook on lo setting 5-6 hours. Storring occasionally to cost the roast. Turn on high near the last 1.5 hours if meat is not cooking fast enough.
7) Roast is finished when the meat in brown throughout and tears easily apart with a fork.

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  1. This sounds SO good! I loooooove my crockpot, especially this time of year!