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NiFtY Paper Popcorn Holders - D. I. Y.

NiFtY Paper Popcorn Holders

These are so fun and can be customized to fit any event or party. Because they use scrapbooking paper, you can make them work for anyone or any event!  Polka dots or butterflies, dirt biked or dinosaurs. That's what my Keebryn would like! You can customize for boy or girl shower, bridal or even reception!
NiFtY Paper Popcorn Holders

I made them for a ladies movie night at our church. I have to give props to the young gal who showed the cup in mini style.  The template came from my Niece named Teah. She was crafting one in worship service one day, that stood about an inch and half high!  So cute! I don't know the original crafter of the technique and she probably doesn't either. She showed me how to fold them, but I'm a slow learner. So I unfolded her cute little cup and learned by the fold creases :) Then I made large, sturdy and colorful ones.

What Ya Need:
Scrapbooking paper sheets! The standard size that is equal in length and width.  You can get them at craft store or large retail stores. Sometimes you can find a deal on a book of paper. The individual sheets can be pricey.

So I've attached pics to show how it is folded and I hope that helps as you start.

What Ya Do:
Preparation: The important thing to figure out is what side of your paper you want to show the most of? If you are lucky, both sides may have color or design! The first two folds you make, will create the two side flaps that will show on sides. Whatever color you want the side flaps to show, should be lying face down.Now we start the folding.
1) Once your paper is layer correctly,  take one corner and fold it back until it reaches close to the half way across point.

2) Now fold the adjacent side to almost meet the point from the first fold.

3) Flip the paper over. Now fold together the two sides that have flaps and reinforce with your hand to smooth the crease tight.

4) Take the last piece of the shaped paper and fold it straight into the center, placing it under the side flap.

5) Do the same with the right side.

You can organize them in a basket for your friends or guests. These really do hold popcorn well!  Mine were displayed in a tin tub, but you could stack them in a basket or any way that goes with your event.  Have fun making and filling with delish popcorn!

NiFtY Paper Popcorn Holders

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