Monday, October 27, 2014

FaLL FloWeR Basket - D.I.Y.

So I did not know what to do with my mums. Bought em really cheap of course, and I didn't want them to die. I found this old apple basket and figured I would toss them there. Super simple and perfect for outside decoration.

Because the basket is wood ... it will eventually rot :/  BUT I will replant hopefully, before it turns to dust! The good news is that if you want yours to last, there is a simple solution...

Line the bottom and sides by stapling a black plastic bag or clear drop cloth to the inside, with a sample gun.  Staple all around the inner rim before filling it with dirt. The plastic will prevent the wood from being so quickly consumed by the dirt and rain. On the outside of the basket, you can spray two coats of clear sealant.  This will make the degrading process slower on the outside of the basket.

For now, the simple toss the flowers in, worked for me :) I would love to try the preservation method...eventually.

What Ya Need:
1 Basket
2 Medium Mums or other flower
Potting Soil
Tulle (any fall color)

What Ya Do:
1) Fill the basket with Potting soil or mix of soil and a little degraded mulch.
2) Plant the mums and cover around the base with soil.
3) Measure Tulle , enough to wrap the perimeter of the basket and enough for a bow.
4) Wrap and secure Tulle with a bow in the front.
5) Smile :)  You're finished!