Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day #12 : Fail Not { HeArT to heart }

Day #12 : Fail Not

Compassion is a big ol' word, but understood very little.  Christ moves on behalf of compassion, many times in His ministry. If we want to see the character of God, we look at the face of God, Jesus the Christ.  God is filled with compassion and in turn, His Son responds to humankind through the same.

{ Lamentations 3:22
It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. }

Catch that? His compassion fail not. They do as intended. They do not falter, but produce. His responses to our aches also never cease!  There's no giving up found here!

Compassion is the ability to relate to the hearts of those hurting or in need and respond out of concern for their best interest. To sum up this long word with a simple phrase, mine would be...

 "heart-broken for another"

Christ is heart-broken for His children who are hurting. Christ's heart breaks when you are saddened,  wounded, weary, or worn. He wants to fix what's broken because He has a heart for you.

We usually relate to those in need because we either sympathize with their circumstance or we have an attachment to them that causes us to ache alongside.

Christ had compassion on the faithful multitude that followed Him. ( Mark 6:34 )

Because they were weary sheep. ..
      He was their Shepherd.
Because they were tired and hungry...
      He fed them more than enough.
What has God done for you out of His unfailing compassions? What do you need Him to do?

This one's for you...(you fill the blanks)
Because I ____________________
He ___________________________

Out of love for you, He knows the heartbreak. ..
and He feels the ache alongside. Ask for Christ's compassion. He will respond. His compassions fail not.

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