Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day # 19 : This God Doesn't Quit { HeArT to hEaRt }

Day #19 : This God Doesn't Quit

We serve a Zealous God. I did not misspell that word by mistaking a "j" with a "z".  To have zeal is to have passion. It is the element that gives overcomers the drive necessary to complete a mission.

We serve the God who loves and exists as He intends. He is the God of a PaSSioN-DriVeN and intended plan. In Isaiah as the plan for His Christ and His eternal and powerful kingdom is being described, the verse ends with this description of the One who would see to its completion...

{The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.}
Isaiah 9:7

This God does as He intends. Quitting isn't an option. I love that about my Savior. This descriptive label about Him, gets me excited!  Comforts me.  Makes me know His love. The fact God is zealous tells us He will not quit. He does not grow weary of the day or of hearing your groans. He fulfills all His intentions. He is passionate about everything concerning you.

He does all He needs to in order to reach your heart and make your life joyful and productive. Zeal sometimes comes in the form of doing what seems hardest.  If Jesus never rebuked His disciples, they would have been without wisdom and understanding and could have faced consequences related to their mistakes. They also would not have been shaped to live a full life and serve their Savior. But He did correct them. Just like a zealous parent.

A zealous parent teaches with a plan in mind,
           corrects with grace and motivation,
      and loves enough to do what is needed to prevent their children from harm.

{As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten...}
Revelation 3:19

I'd love to leave this out in all sincerity, but I would be going against His Word and a criteria of His love.

As a parent, would you, do what is necessary to prevent your child from the detriment of wrong doing? The Heavenly Father uses what works to motivate His children in a better direction. Take that as softly as you can. Always remember His passion and intentions are always for you.

God is a perfect Heavenly Father.
When you feel like nobody cares, reflect on His awesome adjective of "ZEAL"!

He has the drive necessary to sustain and nourish you forever.
He loves you passionately!
He is intentional with His plan for you!
...this God doesn't quit.

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