Thursday, February 26, 2015

Day #26: Unscarred { HeArT to hEaRt }

Day # 26 : Unscarred

{ Love endures all things. }
1 Corinthians 13:7

The value of EnDuRiNg love!
This is the characteristic that appeals most to the Prodigal.  The one in whom has found refuge and relief in the evidence that the LoVe of the Almighty withstands the rough.

Most everyone relates to being a Prodigal because most of us have lived a season or two, in running. It's only when we return to Christ, that we are able to fully appreciate His endurance.

I think most of the EndUraNce of His love in terms of what occurs toward it, when we step out of living in it.  What a bashing we can lash to our God when we loose sight of His love.

Have you ever..
           Disrespected or unappreciated it?
   Tested or rejected His love?
       Abandoned or buried it?

Me? I'm guilty of each. I'd be willing to stand by my convictions that there's no other LoVe which has taken such a bashing by those who don't understand and accept it, and sadly by those who do.

Any other love from any being would be unable to withstand the rough.  Other loves could nor endure the cruelty from humankind. Here's the precious point; God's love can. It doesn't just enter the short and easy race, it's here for the long haul. And it's not just about finishing the course, it's about being exactly as wonderful at the end, as it was at the beginning.

His love doesn't only exist in perfection, but exists against all odds. What odds have you placed His love against?

Whatever His children inflict upon it, His love will not be ...
     Scarred or marred.
           Defaced or broken.
     Devalued or overcome.

When we find our way back to God, His love will be there, and His love will be just as it always was. Without fault, without blemish and unscarred. This love prevails against adversity, weathers the rough and withstands all things.

So truly soak up the value behind His promise that Love endures ALL things ; whatever you can dish. It's another way of reminding us that no matter what we do against His love, how long we leave it abandoned, or no matter how much we reject, manipulate,  test, reject or bash it....

         God's love remains unscarred.

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