Friday, February 20, 2015

Day #20 : Enough to Share { HeArT to hEaRt }

Day # 20: Enough to Share

I hope we are getting a tighter grasp on the love that's been given to us!  I also hope that in all the grasping, we dare not hold it too tight!

Here's what I mean.  This LoVe is not designed to be hoarded. It's not meant just for your heart, but for other hearts who desperately need a dose.

{ For the love of Christ constrains us...}
II Corinthians 5:14

We are captivated by His love. To those who have been affected by it, there's nothing sweeter. Nothing more perfect or pleasing to our souls. His loves holds us captive, in the best sense. Free captives we become, when accepting His love. One taste and we wouldn't choose to compromise on lending our hearts to anything else. As captives, this love is to be shared, given, poured out!

The design of God's love is to be doused onto every life that could possibly accept it. The love of the Savior has a compelling effect on those it touches.
More than bind us, it gives us drive. Makes us desire that others feel the transforming power of the LoVe of the God with no boundaries!

How do people know we have come face to face with the Almighty who loves so amazingly?

A) Is it proven in our abilities?
B) Or maybe found in the good we do.
C) Could it be the money we give to the church?

You can take a deep sigh of relief. It's not evident in any of the above. Scripture says that by one criteria of our characteristics, others will see that we know Christ, our Savior.

{ ...That you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one to another. } John 13:34-35

By THIS will others know...
That we love one another.
Simply put, the love of the Savior is so radical, it's close to impossible to have a dose and not desire giving it to others.

We are called not to love ourselves beyond others or others beyond anything else. The primary product of being constrained is loving God the most. How can we do that and why should we? John makes it simple:

{We love him, because he first loved us.}
1 John 4:19

This leads us to a simple resolution in priority :
        - Receive the LoVe.
                 -  Adore Him because He loves us.
          -  Give others what's been given to us.

The God of the universe doesn't give a dose here and there... He covers us!!  David said in the 23rd Psalms that his cup runs over. Not just a does or a sprinkle of goodness over him, but an overflowing supply. How then, could we not have enough to give? I don't want to waste what could be poured out to others!

His love overflows.
There is more than EnOuGh to ShArE!

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