Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Day #4 : Patience for "Peters" {Heart to heart}

Day #4 : Patience for Peters

1 Corinthians 13:4
{ Love suffers long. }

In 1 Corinthians 13, the outline of a perfect portrait of love is scripted. Paul begins with... LoVe is pAtiEnt. We will halt, where Paul began the awesome list of characteristics of the love we can rarely imitate.

Use any phrase that fits. They all bare the same meaning.

   Love suffers long.
             Love Is patient.
        Love forebears.

Here's a most simple phrase for Paul's first declaration of the look of love...

LoVe ... puts up with (name here).

Jesus had 12 disciples when He was on earth for His first advent. Of all of them, Peter is my favorite. It may be so, because his shortcomings fit so closely with my own.

He was a zealous follower with aspirations and large faith. He was often the first and most bold to stand for Christ. The only one brave enough to pull a sword to defend His Master. But he was also one of three who fell asleep in prayer, hours before the trial of Christ, and denied Him, more than once.

Peter wasn't perfect. He made mistakes.
Like me, he required PaTiEnCe.

But what Jesus does with Peter, He will do for us. Jesus loved Peter, anyway.
He waited for Peter to get it right.
And He gave Peter abundant mercy until he did.

I have often wondered "How does Jesus put up with me?" But I've come to the conclusion that He doesn't.  He does much more than that.  He valued Peter and He values us so much, that His love can't be reduced to toleration. His perfect love will not be impatient.

Peter sees Christ again after the denial. Jesus is standing on the sea shore and Peter is fishing in a boat. When he discovers that His Master is back, he cannot wait to reach him. Peter jumps ship with only a coat around his frame, and he swims to shore!

So where was Jesus, his Master?
He was waiting.

Jesus had patience for Peter.
Jesus has patience for Peters like you and I.

Scripture References:
1 Corinthians 13
Luke 22: 55-62
John 21:7

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