Saturday, February 7, 2015

Day #7 : A "Suuuure" Thing { HeArT to hEaRt }

Day #7: A "Suuuure" Thing

God's love sent you an anchor. Ok, so that doesn't mean we trudge around carrying unwanted weight, in the form of a double -j made of steel. What it does mean is that through His love, He provided a stronghold. Your sure thing.

{Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast...}
Hebrews 6:19

The love of God, gave the Son whom He loved, to secure your hope. Christ, carried the weight of burdens and sins by death, then was resurrected to deliver your eternal victory.

One hope that is sure.
One, steadfast.
The anchor of eternal hope.

My kiddo, as a tike, became accustomed to my comforting response of "suuure" to many of his questions.  And when I did not respond in custom one day, he recognized. From the back car seat, I heard a tiny, kind voice...

"no mom, you're suppose to say, suuuuurrre!"

His voice had a reaffirming and sweet pitch that mimicked mom's. I can still hear it :) There's something affirming when the word "sure" is used, for children and adults alike. There's a note of certainty to its ring that gives peace to the heart.

In Hebrews, we are told that our hope in Christ is so certain, that it is "suuuure"!  That rings a rest to my uncertainty.  It gives a settlement when my faith is quaking. It fills my soul with tender comfort.

The Father, sent His Son (John 3:16).  His most precious possession, in exchange to gain you, His precious creation. His love sent you an anchor for your soul. One that doesn't shift, cannot be broken, and withstands any power of resistance.  Here we can find comfort and certainty.  We rest in the security of His gift of love, through Christ.

He loves you enough... to give you assurance everlasting.

One AnChoR.
Once PurChAseD.
Forever Available.

And that's a "suuuure" thing!

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