Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day # 22: This LoVe Didn't Bend { HeArT to hEaRt }

Day #22 : This LoVe Didn't Bend

{ Love bears all things...}
1 Corinthians 13: 7

Let's paint the picture. Christ, Jesus is all but weak. He is a carpenter after His earthly father. Alongside, His Heavenly Father was conditioning him to carry more than wooden beams. He was conditioning to bear your cross.

The foundation of Christ was built on love. I am convinced we do not know all he endured during His preparing or ministry, but there are two peaks in His recorded ministry that test His love for the Heavenly Father and all His children.

1) The 40 Day face to face with the evil himself.
2) The cup and the cross.

Could you handle 40 days in the wilderness without food or water, and the bonus stress of combat, one to one, with the most evil creature in all of the universe? Nope, me either. My Christ did.  The love of Christ was so enduring, it did not break under the pressure. He bore the temptation.

As if that wasn't enough, He moves forward with work to be done and a job to finish. I want to get to the highest pinnacle of pressure.

Three years later the Spirit stirs in him, as an alert that the time had come. After supper with disciples, He becomes exceedingly sorrowful (Mark 14:34). What has He seen that causes Him to fall to the ground in his prayer garden and beg of the Father to remove it?

It's your cup.

Anything that breaks you, is there.
He sees His torture ahead, in which he is to bear for you,  and it is terrifying. He prays that it pass by. But more importantly, He supplicates that the Father's will be done. When He stands from His prayer, He has resolve.

What did the Father do?
He sent his Son to the cross.
What did Christ, the Son do?
He went.

He bore
.... all you couldn't.

His love didn't bend. It bore your everything. What bends you to your breaking point?

          a rough past that won't stay there.
                   the loss of a loved one.

Whatever breaks you, won't break the Master.
He accepted the cup and the cross, and still, the love of Christ did not shatter or cave.  If the cross of all burdens and wrongs of the world couldn't break His love, NOthing can. He proved it.

Bring your sorrows.
   Leave your burdens.
         Surrender your all.
It's not too much for the Master.
His love bears all... even your cross.

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