Saturday, February 14, 2015

Day #14 : With ♡, From God { HeArT to hEaRt }

Day #14 : With ♡, From God

My Precious Child,

I want you to know I'm thinking of you on Valentine's Day and always.  I created you and formed you. I know you and all your inner being. I know what makes you smile and I love to see you laugh. I rejoice when I see you victorious. I also know what breaks you heart, because it breaks mine.

I loved you before time and I will love you forever. It's no secret that you are not perfect. Although you make mistakes, I adore you still. I know you are better than your mistakes.  I see you for all your goodness, because I know it is there within you. Although you are imperfect, you are made spotless, through my perfect Son, Jesus.

You are precious in my sight, so much, that I gave my Son, Jesus, for you. I sent Him to be your Healer, your Shepherd,  your Friend and your ultimate sacrifice. I gave Him for you, to bring you to me.

My ultimate gift to you is not a dozen roses. Those will wither and die. My gift is LiFe that lasts forever. Complete perfection in my kingdom is yours, through belief and acceptance of my Son.

I believe in you. I have a hope for you.  I am for you, and in all things, every day and everywhere, with you. Never to leave you or leave you stranded.

My child, nothing in all heaven or earth, seen or unseen, can come between you and my love. If you cannot comprehend all this, its alright. Because the breadth, length, and depth, and height of the love of Christ, is more than you could consume in your mind or take in your heart! So, be of good cheer! You have my love and my love for you, never fails.

Happy Valentines Day!

With Perfect Love,
Your Heavenly Father

Scripture References:
Isaiah 43
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