Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day #18: With You in Mind { HeArT to hEaRt }

Day # 18 : With You in Mind

You wrap a beautiful package for your manly husband. You cover the box in silver, shiny glitter paper and carefully place a huge bright pink bow on top center. What's inside? A beautiful tea set and potpourri for the house.

Are you picturing his face? Yep. He's totally disappointed. I'm counting on the surety that he'd much rather have tickets to an NFL game tossed in a plain white envelope. Now that's the way to his heart, right?

When Almighty God desires to speak love to your heart, what does He do for you?  Do you enjoy seeing a sunset, listening to your child laugh or do you enjoy an unexpected lunch with your spouse? Well I don't know what would speak love to your heart,  but God Almighty does.

{ But you, O LORD, know me: you have seen me, and tried me, and tried my heart toward me. }
Jeremiah 12:3

He knows the you that makes you His creation. He knows your deepest thoughts and your most hidden places. Because He knows you, He also knows how to show you His perfect, unchanging love and how to deliver it especially for you.  Metaphorically speaking, God doesn't wrap up a tea set in pink for one of His mighty warrior men. He doesn't send to his daughters, a pair of combat boots and camo. He knows what fits and God delivers what matters. He designs His gifts, with you in mind.

But do we accept His deliveries?  I must admit, I need to be more receptive and grateful when I notice the little and large gifts God places in my way, to show His love. How about you?

The love of Almighty God never changes, but His delivery method to each of His precious creations, does.  What speaks to your heart is not the same as anyone else on earth. Perfect love, designed with you in mind, makes His love personal. The personal expressions of God's love, satisfies.

{ You open your hand, and satisfy the desire of every living thing.}
Psalms 145:16

So when you notice Him speaking to your heart, remember His love gifts are  ...

             Specifically designed.
    Perfectly delivered.
              With you in mind.

And the most precious, personal gift of love, was the one of his Son.  I'll close with this.  There was a song the church choir from my childhood use to sing by Bill Gather. I just remembered as I wrote this. The words are old and simple, but I cannot close without adding them.

"When He was on the cross,
     I was on His mind."

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